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Courses, Training and Seminars for
Electrodermal Screening

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[WWW gif]The International Academy of Bioenergetic Practitioners
in Fort Collins, Colorado. Training and certification in electrodermal screening.

"A new classification of health professional is needed to perform the computerized testing, evaluate the results, teach clients about health and wellness, and participate in bringing this technology to the world. These services are in high demand, and you can provide them when you become a bioenergetic practitioner.

" When you enroll in the International Academy of Bioenergetic Practitioners, you will receive specialized training to give you the knowledge and confidence to run the equipment, take readings, interpret test results, and know that you are aiding your clients in finding and correcting the cause or causes of their health problems, rather than covering up their symptoms. Through the Academy, you will enter this exciting integrated health science that is a part of a new medical field known as 'Information Medicine.'"

[WWW gif]Occidental Institute Research Foundation
Of Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. Offers training and reference materials for practitioners, including Dr.Schimmel's VEGATEST-METHOD Seminar/Workshops

[WWW gif]The School of Bionergetic & Naturopathic Medicine
of Charlestown, Nevis, West Indies in the Carribean offers a course in electroacupuncture. "The world's first cross cultural open on-line school of Bioenergetic Medicines"

[WWW gif]BioMeridian, Inc.
Of Draper, Utah offers Training in Clinical Applications and Procedures in "BEST System Training"

[WWW gif]The Capital University of Integrative Medicine
In Washington D.C., offers a certificate program in "ElectroDermal Resistance Analysis"

[WWW gif]VEGA's Grieshaber Akademie
Of Schiltach, Germany holds seminars in Germany and North America.

[WWW gif]The International Medical Association for Electroaccupuncture according to Voll
Lessons in German

[WWW gif]Nutrilab
In France. Offers ElectroAcupuncture Seminars in French.

[WWW gif]Dr. Reckeweg (UK) Ltd,
Of Westhoughton, United Kingdom. Offers a course in the use of the EAP Machine (electronic acupuncture according to Voll) manufactured by Dr. Reckeweg & Co of Bensheim, Germany.

[WWW gif]The Florida School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
In Gainesville, Florida offers a course on the "principals of Electrodermal screening" as part of their Bio-Energy Technician Certificate.

[WWW gif]Center Of Intellectual Medical Systems "Imedis"
Conducts courses in Moscow "Conjointly with Moscow Sechenov Medical Academy conducts the primary courses on R.Voll method and advanced courses with learning of bioresonance and multiresonance therapy for physicians which use R.Voll method."

[WWW gif]The Marion Foundation
In Marion, Massachusettes. Conducts "3 Day Seminars which are "designed to elaborate on pragmatic concepts of wellness and disease transformation" Includes information about "electrodermal screening"

[WWW gif]The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
In Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada. Offers a course on electrodermal screening as part of their Bio-Energy Technician Certification

"The student will be able to identify and locate the measurement point locations necessary to obtain electro acupressure readings, correctly interpret these readings, and follow a set protocol to develop a health improvement program based on the unique needs of clients."

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