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[WWW gif]Med-Tronik
In Friesenheim, Germany. Manufactures and sells the "RM10S Compact device for EAV diagnosis" and the rest of the Mora line of products Sold in the US by The Occidental Institute Research Foundation of Penticton, British Columbia, Canada

[WWW gif]The VeraDyne Corporation
Of Henderson, Nevada. Manufactures and sells the Avatar System

[WWW gif]PhazxSystems, Inc.
Of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Manufactures and sells BodyScanTM2010

[WWW gif]HoloConceptinc.
Sells DiagnoMètre and has distributors in the United States

Of Schiltach, Germany. Manufactures and Sells the Vega line, including the VEGATEST expert.

[WWW gif]Nutrilab
In France. Sells the MERITEST®707

[WWW gif]Meridian
Of Korea. Sells The Meridian II and other machines for Electroacupuncture Diagnostics & Therapy

[WWW gif]Center Of Intellectual Medical Systems "Imedis"
Sells "The Mini-Expert-DT", "Mini-Expert-PC" devices and "Expert-Voll" device-and-software complex

[WWW gif]The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
Has an "Equipment for Sale" page which sometimes includes used electrodermal test equipment

[WWW gif]BioMeridian,Inc.
Of Draper, Utah. Sells The BEST(tm) System, a computerized electrodermal screening device.

[WWW gif]MED Servi Systems
Of Ottawa Canada. Sells The Biotron 1000, both a diagnostic and treatment instrument. "It is based on well-known principles developed by leading scientists, such as, Dr. Voll from Germany and Dr. Nogier from France". MED Servi also sells "EAV Composite Hand and Foot Charts" of Electrodermal testing points. "These two 86 x 61 cm charts illustrate the Chinese meridian points & the Voll meridians."

[WWW gif]Holimed
Sells "The Bioresonance System" including "Biocheck™, the System to Perform the Electro-Acupuncture acc. Dr. Voll (EAV)". Also check out their list of International Contacts


"Biocheck is calibrated according Dr. Voll's definition but at a much lower current (2 microAmpere max.). It is used to measure acupuncture nodes. Depending on the reading one can estimate certain stress characteristics of the node. Rather than the VEGA™ testing method the traditional EAV is an absolute measuring system which eases comparison between different sessions or even different people."

[WWW gif]C.H.I.R.O.N. Software
Sells "Computron Acupro II System™", "The wave of the future in computerized bioenergetic testing"

"The Computronix Acupro II System processes the body's early-warning signals -- often long before problems are able to be detected through conventional means such as X-rays, body scans, blood and urine tests. Utilizing the Computron Z-40 tester, it is now possible to pin-point the exact location of energetic disturbances, determining their source and testing the effectiveness of any proposed therapy. In other words, the Z-40 Tester shows: (1) how much stress an organ or tissue group is under, (2) what causes the stress, and (3) what will eliminate the stress. Then, the progress of the therapy can be monitored -- eliminating the need for extensive trial and error."

[WWW gif]Star Tech Health Services, LLC
Sells the EQ4 System

A group of scientists from Russia. Presented technology for a "Meridian diagnose internet service" at the APEC Technomart II in Taiwan. Users in remote areas can get their meridians diagnosed at home by transmitting the results of a self test to ARDK headquarters by telephone line or internet network

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