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[WWW gif]The Aspen Pain Control Clinic
In Toluca Lake California. David Katz O.M.D.,L.Ac. practices "Bio-EnergeticTesting"

"Based on theories and equipment developed in German Electro-acupuncture by Doctors Schimmel and Voll and the pioneer work done in Japan on energy mapping by Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, Neural Muscular Circuit Testing was further developed and shown to be reproducible through the work of Dr. M. Van Benschotten. This system is used to identify areas of weakness in the body and to confirm a Chinese medical diagnosis."

[WWW gif] Biological Therapy Journal of Natural Medicine
Practical Empiric Theraputics with Biotherapeutica Anti-homotoxica in Geriatrics. by Dr Med H. D. Noeske, who uses electro-acupuncture according to Voll for diagnosis in geriatrics.

"It is important for the therapist to know the anamnesis of the aging patient. I consider this to be of more importance than it should be for younger patients who are ill, as there are fewer psychophysical compensation possibilities during the aging phase. Making a geriatric anamnesis requires patience, time and understanding.

"In this connection I would like to mention that in my surgery I try to use the electro-acupuncture method according to Voll to make a diagnosis and make tests to determine each individual therapy."

[WWW gif]Ener-G-Polari-T
of Prescott, Arizona uses electrodermal tests to measure the effect of their electromagnetic protection devices.

[WWW gif]"Nurse expanding homeopathic screening business" to include computerized electrodermal screening - a story from The Advertiser Tribune in Tiffin, Ohio.

[WWW gif]P.I.C.E. user protocols for "PsychoneuroImmunology by Computerized Electro Dermal Screening" -from WorldEDS in Redcliffe, Australia

[WWW gif]The European Council of Doctors for Plurality in Medicine
Believes that "free access has to be guaranteed to the EU patient to the therapeutic methods of his choice."According to the ECPM Manifest "electro-acupuncture according to Voll, ... and other special forms of therapy are increasingly in demand and widely accepted by European citizens".

[WWW gif]Alternate Pain Clinic
Acupuncturist Peter Lok CMD; CAFC; RT; RNC of London, Ontario, Canada, has an interesting article on "Scientific Advances In Acupuncture"

"The question of the existence of acupuncture loci and meridians has been answered by many workers in many countries. The story begins with Nakatani of Kyoto University in 1950. Prior to that time, the Meridians doctrine of Chinese medicine had been a subject of great debate in Japan. Nakatani, then a medical student at Kyoto, undertook to study the problem of meridians and devised a simple method of measuring skin resistance. He discovered that on the skin there were a series of points at which the resistance was lower than the surrounding area. This effect was particularly manifest in the unhealthy state.

"A quite similar event took place in Germany in 1953 when Reinhold Voll began to study electroacupuncture to such a refined stage that it can perform diagnosis and therapy with great precision."

[WWW gif]Emotional Freedom Techniques
Uses Reinhold Voll, M.D.’s theories to help explain Touch And Breathe therapy.

"The pioneering work of Reinhold Voll, M.D. revealed that acupuncture points show a dramatic decrease in electrical resistance on the skin compared to non-acupuncture points on the body. In addition, Voll and his colleagues found that each acupoint seemed to have a standard measurement for individuals in good health, and notable changes when health deteriorated (Voll, 1975). Becker (1990, 1985) reasoned from his research that not only does an electrical current flow along the meridians, but that the acupoints functioned as amplifiers which boost the electrical signals as they move across the body.

"More recently, the research and theories of Stanford University’s Professor Emeritus in Physics, William A. Tiller (1997), have shed more light on the interplay among mind, body, spirit and subtle energies. His work is particularly relevant to the applicability of Touch And Breathe; for use with meridian based psychotherapies. Considering the complex array of electrical and electromagnetic circuitry in and around the body, Tiller theorizes that." the body can be thought of as a type of transmitting / receiving antenna."

" Bio-EnergeticTesting" - a description of Electroaccupuncture from - a vitamin company

[WWW gif]Dr. Tori Hudson
Naturopathic Physician of A Woman‘s Time, a clinic for Women in Portland, Oregon, has an advice column on Prevention Magazine’s website and this was her advice to a parent looking for help with Attention Deficit Disorder:

"...avoiding sugar and additives is a good first step. I also advise testing for food sensitivities; conventional allergy tests don’t adequately test for these. Find someone who uses a VEGA test for an antibody food panel test. (VEGA testing, unlike traditional &';scratch’ allergy tests, uses an electrical circuit instead of your body’s immune system to test for allergies to vitamins, foods or drugs.) "

[WWW gif] American Fitness Professional Associates
In Ship Bottom, New Jersey. "Alternative Medicine Can Help Your Child Preventing Vaccination Side Effects in Advance" An article from Health and Fitness Newsletter

"’We immunize everybody, but the question should be how to do it without creating all the side effects,’ says Harold Whitcomb, M.D., an internist of 45 years’s medical experience, now practicing in Aspen, Colorado. ’It’s time we got more sophisticated in our approach.’ Dr. Whitcomb finds that sophistication in the use of a diagnostic technique called electrodermal screening (EDS). This is a way of determining in advance how a child is likely to react to a vaccine and, therefore, whether it is advisable to give the immunization at all. ’I do this with all the young children I see,’ he reports."

[WWW gif]The Great Lakes College of Clinical Medicine in Chicago, Illinois was created to Protect patient’s consensual rights to receive "innovative therapies, and to educate health care professionals in the latest techniques (medicine, supplements, and new uses for pre-existing drugs) for the ameolarisation of chronic disease". The Scientific Advisory Committee "provides a forum for interchange on What is the Science behind any Alternative Therapy, e.g., homeopathy, EAV (electrodermal diagnosis), Iridology, etc., and sometimes this may take the form of a position paper or White Paper."

[WWW gif]The World Wide Essence Society (WWES)
A non-commercial organization of vibrational/flower essence educators, practitioners, manufacturers, and distributors includes "electroacupuncture devices" in their "survey of techniques for selecting flower essence remedies"

"These include such devices as Mora, Theratest, and Vega, all of which have progressively evolved since the 1950’s from techniques of EAV (Electroacupuncture According to Voll). Each of the devices use a probe (not a needle), to measure electrical resistance along the patient’s acupuncture meridians, and change in resistance when a remedy or nosode (homeopathically prepared diseased tissue) is introduced into the circuit. "

[WWW gif]Flowerbase
Of Victoria, Australia. "Flowerbase is the software which you can use to self diagnose the emotional issues that affect you, and flower essences are the means for naturally treating it." in their "Flower Essence Selection Techniques - A Critique "

"When we survey the techniques for selecting remedies, we have many to select from. These include determining remedies through counselling methods, the use of various electronic devices (e.g., EAV, VEGA, MORA etc.), direct sensing through hands or finger tips, radiesthesia (pendulum testing), computer based questionnaire and muscle testing through kinesiology. . "

[WWW gif]Twin Cities Wellness
In "Homeopathy keeps growing" Aaron Flickstein, DC claims that neurel based testing is better than Vega testing.

"Integral utilizes the most sensitive instrument on earth; the human neural network;to do what Vega testing, E.A.V., and their computerized brethren can do, only better, more quickly, and with greater depth, speed, accuracy, and flexibility. Dr. Martina’s many students have let their fancy electronic testing systems collect dust (he himself shelved half a million dollars of electronic testing devices when he was sure neural-net testing was better) as they moved to muscle testing."

[WWW gif]Share International
"Interview with Richard Gerber- New choices for healing ourselves by Edward Brown"

"SI: Yes, I was fascinated by the discussion in your book on the Voll electroacupuncture technique.

RG: One of the problems with the existing medical system is that we are so problem oriented that when a person has a very subtle illness, it’s very hard to pick up with conventional blood testing. The electroacupuncture diagnostic system is capable of reaching a very subtle level of diagnosis that is extremely impressive.

The electroacupuncture system was compared with RAST blood allergy testing and showed good agreement in identifying allergic sensitivities. That’s the kind of testing we need to do. However, I think the electroacupuncture system goes way beyond what we can pick up with conventional blood tests. The acupuncture meridian system appears to be the interface between the physical body and the higher energy control systems.

So you can not only pick up a disturbance that’s at the physical level, you can actually pick it up at the subtle energetic level before it is even manifest as illness."

[WWW gif]"Chemo begins for Amish girl"
An article in the (Michigan Flint Journal, April 22, 1999. A hospital sought and won a court order to give the child chemotherapy and a spinal tap" the family wants Mary to be examined at the Focus on Family Clinic in Goshen, Ind., where treatment would include 'electrodermal screening,' a system approved by the Food and Drug Administration. "

[WWW gif]Naturodoc
Uses the Computron Electrodermal Screening system as part of the Natural Elimination of Allergy Treatment (NEAT) Protocol

"The Computron computer with its software, Acupro II™, is an electrodermal screening system. It is considered an "investigational device" by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The Acupro II measures conductance of the skin at acupuncture points. The skin is not punctured,only touched by a blunt probe. Since we know what specific acupuncture points can do, their electrical energy can tell us about internal functions of that energy."

[WWW gif]Alternative Medicine Program Advisory Council(AMPAC)
Of The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine - NCCAM - National Institutes of Health Minutes of a meeting where they discussed possible government subsidized clinical trials of electrodermal screening can be found at IV. Presentation: OAM Budget and Staffing Issues - September 1995 AMPAC Meeting

[WWW gif]Micronauts Health Clinic
Uses "Muscle Response/Recruitment Monitor", and also offers training

"The MRM is similar to a VEGA machine, and others of its type, but rather than measuring galvanic skin response, it measures nerve conduction time, or velocity. It does not employ a probe, nor is there any pressure or moisture to take into account. Hence, there are fewer possibilities for error or inaccuracy. As far as we can tell there is also no operator transference."

Also Known as Computerized body system analysis

[WWW gif]RayMaster International
"EAV-, that means skin-resistance- measurements" are used to show that "measurements of electromagnetic fields clearly reveal much lower values at the lung and allergy meridian when RayMaster devices are used."

[WWW gif] Science Report: The Future Of Bioelectro-Magnetic Medicine
From " The Healing Arts Report" "The full potential of bioelectric medicine cannot be achieved until devices are developed which are more consistent in what and how they measure. "

[WWW gif] Harmonology
Of Australia "The Harmonizer "- a personal Field Effect Device strengthening harmonious frequencies, preventing external radiations from causing disease. Scientifically tested and supported by scientists, holy men and clairvoyants.

"We know today that all organs of all human beings must vibrate on a pre-designed (divine) frequency. If they don't, the system (like the piano) is out of tune. This fact is clearly recognized by relatively modern medical approaches.

Approaches such as homoeopathy, BFD (Bio Electronic Functional Diagnosis), EAV (Electroacupuncture According to Voll), and diagnostic and treatment systems such as the VEGA System, the Mora Test , the Theratest, LISTEN and others. The devices and new approaches are used by over 30,000 (1986 figures) registered medical doctors in Germany and many more in many other countries around the world. "

[WWW gif] Rheumatoid Arthritis The Many Layers to Wellness
by Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr. An article from The Arthritis Trust of America. The author found Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll useful in detecting his health problems.

"Only 10% of those infected in the gums will have sore or sensitive gums, and will ever suspect that something is wrong.

"I had all of my teeth removed 50 years ago, and I argued loud and long with those who insisted that I have my teeth checked for a focus of infection. After all, I had no root canals performed, and my gums felt normal! Burton Goldberg (Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide) insisted, and so more to oblige him than because I believed, I had several non-invasive tests made, and two blood tests.

"Two kinds of non-invasive tests are effective in making such a determination: (1) kinesthiology, or (2) a Computron, or Dermatron (Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll), a device that sends a small amount of current along an acupuncture meridian and, by reading the resulting effect, one can determine if foreign invaders are involved, often what species.

"Each blood test confirmed the presence of a mycoplasma, one also inferring the presence of an associated virus.

"When I finally placed myself under the care of a biological dentist, his Computron reported that I had the presence of both a mycoplasma and a virus throughout my upper and lower gums, also naming the organism's species.

"I still did not believe or accept, but I did permit the cutting of a small portion of my gums as a final determination.

Lo! A greyish mass was present. We found this evidence of infestation, throughout the top and bottom along my whole gum line -- a fifty year-long unsuspected focus of infection. These were laser sterilized and cleansed with hydrogen peroxide injections. "

[WWW gif]Rev. Dr. Fred Fox uses Voll based "Bio Testing" in conjunction with "Magnetic Colour Therapy"

Some articles From Alternative Medicine Digest which mention Electrodermal Screening

[WWW gif] You Don't Have to be Sick -True Healthcare Starts In The Immune System
On The Edge With Burton Goldberg "EDS gives the physician valuable information about a patient's health problems at a very early stage. EDS also enables you to pinpoint hidden obstacles to treatment and to determine in advance which remedies at what strength and dosage are most likely to succeed."

[WWW gif] The Ideal Clinic - Chronic Fatigue and Hyperactivity
By Richard Leviton

[WWW gif] Migraine headaches -- Natural Remedies Can End Your Pain
By Robert Milne, M.D., And Blake More

[WWW gif]Anxiety and depression. Skip the Valium, Hold the Prozac

" Mood, behavior, and brain biochemistry are intricately linked. Depression and anxiety may be the result of flawed message-sending in the biochemical brain, flawed because key brain chemicals called neurotransmitters are in short supply. They're short because the body's amino acid pool (from which they're made) is itself low. For example, deficiencies in the amino acid GABA are strongly correlated with states of anxiety. Add to this the negative effect of high levels of heavy metals commonly found in the body. Aluminum, mercury, lead, and copper can make the body toxic, interfere with brain function, and contribute to depression and anxiety, say Whitcomb and Bronson.... After conducting a thorough interview with the patient, Bronson and Whitcomb use electro-dermal screening to find out more detailed biochemical information about the patient's health, nutrient needs, possible heavy metal toxicity, and the presence of food allergies that affect the brain. "

[WWW gif]Agnis Low Intensity Laser Therapy equipment

Estimate health in a few minutes

"The AGNIS - BAT02 is your personal pocket diagnostic device. Under any conditions while at work, at any time round-the-clock you will have: 1.Express Check of health condition or identification of an illness of the whole organism or the functional disability of its systems and organs; 2.Immediate Exposure of the organism reactions to treating methods and medicines, possibility of correction;.... "

[WWW gif]The International Institute of Reflexology in the UK Plans on building the Sheffield Centre of Excellence for Reflexology and Complementary Medicine to provide "VEGA testing for sensitivities – food, heavy metals, inhalants, vitamins, minerals etc"

[WWW gif] Homeopathy and Dentistry Keeps You Smiling

by Dana Ullman, M.P.H. Mentions EAV in the section about Amalgam fillings. Also available at Dana Ullman's web site

"As with fluoridation, homeopaths find that some people are more sensitive to certain metals. Since dentists generally recognize this fact also, the most practical way to deal with it is for dentists to test the bio-compatibility of various types of fillings before placing them in a person's mouth. Certain recognized immunological tests can be used, though they are expensive. Some dentists have found that new electroacupuncture machines are able to assess subtle but measurable changes in the meridian energy which acupuncturists feel can determine hypersensitivity. (26) Although this new technology may hold promise, its accuracy is presently undetermined."

[WWW gif]American Association of Naturopathic Physicians position paper on electrodiagnosis which resolves that "That an informed consent form be developed describing the experimental nature of electrodiagnosis for each of the three levels of electrodiagnosis."

"There are three levels of electro-diagnosis:
a. Meridian testing: Readings are interpreted in indicate strength of specific meridians, organ strength or physiologic function.
b. Remedy testing: Variations in readings are interpreted when remedies are given to the patient either orally, to hold or put on a "testing plate" wired to the electrodiagnostic equipment. Interpretations may include sensitivities, nutritional enhancement, or improved function.
c. Energy medicines: Electrodiagnostic equipment interprets information and manufactures an energy medicine which is given to the patient to take orally."

[WWW gif]The medical case history
of Anna Salanti,President of the Pacific Northwest Foundation She claims that after treatment with Nambudripad?s Allergy Elimination Techniques(N.A.E.T.) she "began to add back into my diet foods for which I had been treated and experienced the pleasure of eating virtually anything I wanted. (The Vega testing showed notable improvement in my sensitivity levels.)"

[WWW gif]A Factsheet
Summarizes a program aired on Wednesday 29th October 1997 called "Pulse", a new TV series in Ireland on health and related matters. Talks about various tests for allergies, including the Vega test.

[WWW gif] Electrodermal Screening: Evidence, please!
A letter responding to an article in Positive Health on-line. The authors response to the letter writer is included.

"There is a great deal of scepticism about computerized electro dermal allergy testing and the article in issue 31 does not do much to allay it.

"The suggestion that the application of 5 volts to an acupuncture point elicits the waveform in fig 2. is, if true, an astounding scientific discovery. It is even more astounding that different foods in the mouth would cause different waveforms to be generated.

"Could the author give the references to the research papers in which these results are published please? They are of important scientific interest."

[WWW gif]The Glossary
Of the Foundation for the Advancement of Innovative Medicine

"ELECTRODERMAL (BIOELECTRIC) TESTING: A diagnostic approach which uses one of several electrical instruments to measure skin resistance at meridian points for determining energetic blocks to healing."

[WWW gif]Electronic Medicine for the Health Care Professional
An essay to explain the The Harmonic Translation System

"The H T System was designed around three basic functions. Analysis and diagnosis, treatment and electronic remedy making, and research and development of new healing techniques and medicines. The advent of the modern PC computer has made it possible to combine all of the effective electronic healing techniques of the last century into a single instrument. Healing technologies that are most strongly expressed in the H T design include Homeopathy, ERA, EAV, Rife frequency generation, color therapy, sound therapy, radionics and biofeedback. With its modern graphic interface, the H T System seamlessly integrates these diverse functions while remaining easy to use. The H T System has been in clinical use for over ten years."

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