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WWW gifThe Best Health Centre
Uses the Listen System


WWW gifAllergy Detection Specialists
Uses the Listen System

"After an electric current has been introduced to a pathway, the ohm meter within the LISTEN System reads the resistance and then converts it into conductance according to Dr. Voll's 100-point scale. An optimal reading is 50. Stable readings of 50 indicate a patient with a good health pattern whose body systems are ‘balanced‘."

Albert Park

WWW gifRobyn Bell, Homeopath and Herbalist.Vega Testing is listed as one of the services.


Gars am Kamp

WWW gifThe Bio-Trainings-Hotel
Offers "Elektroacupuncture measurement according to Dr. Voll"


WWW gifDr.Richard Cohen, DC, CAC, DIHOM, FBIH, CICME
Offers Japanese and German Electroacupuncture, Nutritional evaluation by Voll, and Vega Acupuncture. Listed in's Referral pages


  British Columbia 

White Rock

WWW gifWhite Rock Acupuncture and Natural Health Clinic.
"EAV Electrodermal Screening (EDS) represents the result of more than 40 years of intensive medical research in the field of 'Electro-Acupuncture'. EDS utilizes the body's energy field to determine energetic causes of physical problems. It was discovered that there are multiple factors and toxins which cause chronic disease. EAV is able to identify these."


WWW gifDr.Jim Chan - Online Naturopathic Clinic
Uses Computerized Bioenergetic Testing

"Bioenergetic Testing Utilizes A Computer Based Instrument Which Measures The Energy Of The Body Using Acupuncture Meridian Point Readings, Providing A New And Highly Accurate Method For Determining The Energetic Causes Of Allergies And Ailments.

Bioenergetic Testing Is The End Product Of A 30-Year Evolution In Biological-Energetic/ Biofeedback Testing. Dr. Voll And Dr. Werner Of Germany Developed This New Approach To Good Health Utilizing A Modern Computer And Sophisticated Program. Relatively New In This Country, It Is Felt By Many People To Be The Most Significant Breakthrough In Health In Many Years. The Technique Is Understood, Accepted, And Used Widely In Other Countries, Especially Germany, France, England And Canada."

WWW gifIntegrative Healing Arts
Offers testing with "The Vega Test Method"

"In a controlled, comparative study of various ways of testing for food sensitivities, performed by Julia Tsuei M.D., which compared blood, scratch, cytotoxic, food challenge and electro-acupuncture testing, the electro-acupuncture (VEGA) results proved to be accurate and reproducible. This study, reported in the American Journal of Acupuncture, 1984, revealed that it was non-invasive but demonstrated great sensitivity. "

Campbell River

WWW gifDr. Ingrid Pincott
A Naturopath in British Columbia, Canada uses "EAV organ testing" "In this office we will be using the EAV as a general organ screen to determine the organ foci of the health problem."



WWW gif The Prairie Health Center
Uses the Listen System.


WWW gifThe Wellness Pharmacia
Uses "The Vega-Test Expert". "The Vega-Test Expert is a safe,accurate,and proven technique that surpasses the limitations of conventional biochemical testing."



WWW gifWellness Institute of living and learning
"Using State-of-the-art Technology for Energy balance, EAV practitioner, OMEGA AcuBase Sales & Training"


WWW gifBasic Bulk & Natural Foods
Uses the Omega Acubase system for "allergy testing".  "Computerized Electrodermal Screening represents a major breakthrough in providing modern preventive health-care and providing problem identification to the general public at reasonable cost."


WWW gifThe Naturopathic Medicine Health and Wellness Clinic
Naturopathic Doctor Reiner Grabreck, N.D Uses "Electro-acupuncture according to Voll".


WWW gifSheila's Health Spa
Uses "electrodermal screening".  "This computerized program reads the function of the organs and glands in the body."


WWW gifR. Mcdonald & Associates
Uses "Spectrodyne Acupuncture".

"The Spectrodyne is revolutionary. It is the first instrument ever to monitor, evaluate and restore automatically the actual energy of the microenergy points that are energetically related to specific parts of the body’s organs, muscles, joints and bones. Never before has such powerful technology existed that can make dramatic changes in the electrical energy levels and rna/dna software integrity of the biocomputers of the cell.

No other eav acupuncture equipment can compare! "


WWW gifMississauga Therapeutic Health Centre
Uses "Omega AcuBase EAV Stress Testing Equipment"

New Brunswick

WWW gifNatural Choice Nutrition Center
Advertises their use of the Omega Acubase System in Natural Life Magazine.


WWW gifWestside Natural Health Clinic
Brian Bonter - Allergy Specialist offers "EAV" with the Listen System

St. Catarines

WWW gifThe Naturomedic Clinic
Offers "Acubase Testing".


WWW gifKulhay Wellness Centre

" Electrodermal screening and live blood analysis are valuable tools in every patient diagnosis at the Kulhay Wellness Centre in Toronto, Canada, which integrates 30 different alternative modalities. "

WWW gifDr. Norman Allan
Lists "electrodermal screening" as one of the modalities practiced at his clinic. He has a unique theory to explain how it works:

From Dowsing,Divining and Diagnosis

"Professor P (and I) made a fairly extensive study of electrodermal testing (EDT) and electric acupuncture-point finders. We came out of these studies with two slightly different opinions. The Professor is confident the he has demonstrated that there is no ‘scientific’ physiological signal involved in EDT: that electrodermal testing is a divining technique.

"I think that there may well be a subtle physiological signal that patient and skilled hands may be able to tease out. In clumsy doubting hands (like ours) the ‘noise’, the ‘artifacts’ are much greater then the ‘signal ’. (I will discuss this in a separate paper, ‘EDT signal:noise ratios’, shortly.) It is this low signal to noise ratio that allows EDT to be used as a divining device. The technician, unconsciously, holds the probe in the spot a little longer, presses a little harder, angles the probe a little different. (We borrowed a prominent Clinical Ecologist’s Vega machine [not that prominent Clinical Ecologist. Another one]. Examining the probe under a binocular microscope one could see patterns of corrosion which would change the reading with changes in the angle at which the probe was held.)"

WWW gifRed Paw Data Services Ltd checks for food and environmental sensitivities with a computerized electro-dermal screening instrument called an "Interro." Lists of specific food and environmental sensitivities are linked to the Services Page.

"The physicist who designed the Interro, Dr. Roy Curtain, was able to 'map out' the electromagnetic frequency of wheat and many more foods, inhalants etc. This electrical signature was then translated into digital code so that it could be stored in the software of the computer. When you are being tested for wheat (for example) the Interro converts the digital code of wheat back into its electrical frequency, and a probe sends that frequency of wheat into the acupuncture point on your finger. The frequency then travels along the acupuncture meridian until it reaches the brain. The brain then 'reads' the signal and has the body elicit a skin resistance response, which the probe picks up at the same acupuncture point. The Interro converts this skin resistance response into a numerical value which is then recorded and displayed on the monitor. Based on your skin resistance response we can tell if you are perfectly tolerant, mildly, moderately or severely intolerant to wheat or any substance being tested."


Hong Kong

WWW gifThe Wiser Club
Offers a money back guarantee on their "cancer cure"

"With the use of a bio-energy device which employs EAV (Electro-Acupuncture According to Voll) technology, we can investigate and detect the presence of the different carcinogens, bacteria, heavy metals or chemical substances that cause cancer in the patient. Traditional technology cannot make such detection on the various organs and hence cannot find a definitive way to cure cancer. The different therapies may then misfire and fail...

"The patient will be quoted a sum required for recovery based on the cancer stages, and pay by installment as the health improves. If the patient dies of cancer within two years, the sum will be refunded in full. Wiser Club is probably the ONLY institution in the world that can make such offer, which reflects their confidence and success in restoring health for patients suffering terminal cancer."



WWW gifClinic Dr Meijer

What can you expect during the treatment?

"....Electro acupuncture examination: to determine, with the help of electric measurement of the skin surface, if there are tension defect in an existing disturbance area in the body.

"Vega test: in the Vega test one point (sometimes two points) is taken to screen the whole body. This happens with filter ampuls. Filter ampuls consist of certain homoeopathica, metals, organic extracts or liquids which are representative for certain body systems.... "



WWW gifThe Old Ban Clinic
"Specialists in acupuncture, physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation"

WWW gifThe Meridian Institute of Alternative Medicine Meridian Remedies Ltd.)
Offers "Bio-Resonance Testing: This is a diagnostic procedure, using the unique Meridian Bio-Resonator equipment, which analyses the state of your health."

Director of the firm is Dr. Ac. Ronald J. Turner, a member of the Acupuncture Foundation of Ireland and a founder member of ICCAM, the Irish Council for Complementary and Alternative Medicine....He has studied with Dr. Reinhold Voll (founder of Electro-Acupuncture) and with Dr Helmut Schimmel, developer of the Vega test. He specialized in EAV and Vega-testing at his clinic in Stillorgan, Dublin, Ireland since 1977.


WWW gifAn Tearmann Beag Holistic & Retreat Centre
Offers "Bio Resonance Vega Testing" as one of its Therapies.



WWW gifThe Natural Therapies Centre
Uses both the Bicom and Interro Computerized Test

"Imagine machines that can measure the precise health status of your internal organs. These are astounding systems that can tell you the name of the virus, bacteria or allergen that is affecting you. Your mineral, vitamin and amino-acid deficiency can also be pin-pointed. All this information is achieved without pricking your skin or drawing blood. And so safe that even children have taken this test. "



WWW gifClinic Dr Meijer

"What can you expect during the treatment?

"....Electro acupuncture examination: to determine, with the help of electric measurement of the skin surface, if there are tension defect in an existing disturbance area in the body.

"Vega test: in the Vega test one point (sometimes two points) is taken to screen the whole body. This happens with filter ampuls. Filter ampuls consist of certain homoeopathica, metals, organic extracts or liquids which are representative for certain body systems.... "

 New Zealand 

Paraparaumu Beach

WWW gif Kapiti Natural Health Clinic
"Testing with VOLL Electro - Acupuncture."


WWW gif Holistic Vitality Healing Centre
Offers "EAV"

 South Africa 


WWW gifExcellence in Medical Care
uses the LISTEN system, a Computerized Electro-Dermal Screening (CEDS) device.



WWW gifThe International Academy of Energy Informative Sciences
Offers a "Program of computerized electronic diagnostics revealing functional disorders in the body which allows the use of radically new method of medical care - PROPHYLACTIC OBSERVATION of practically healthy people to prevent or delay disease."

"Acupuncture methods are special because they make use of the mechanisms of the body organs and life-providing systems functional relations with Biologically Active Points (BAP) of the body. These relations have been confirmed by electrophysiology since the discovery of skin currents (E.Du Bois Reymond, 1857) and their relations with physiological state of the organism (Ferre, 1888). Later various theories (secretory, ionic, membrane), which explained the nature of skin currents and their functional dependence on central and vegetative nervous systems I.R. Tarhanov, 1889; V.Yu.Tchagovets, 1903; S. Veidman, 1956) have been proposed. During the further investigation (A.K. Podshibjakin, 1952-1960; Y. Nakatani,1958; A.I. Netchushkin, 1973; F.G. Portnov; P. Nogier; R. Voll; I. Bratu, etc.) several methods of diagnostics have been created." 
-From "reflex diagnostics"

 United Kingdom 

Bridport, Dorset

WWW gifBridport Complementary Medicine Centre
Vega testing offered by Sandra Marsh D.T.M., D.T.C.

"VEGA testing is a method of measuring a change in an acupuncture point with an instrument called the VEGA. By placing a test substance into the measuring circuit the practitioner can readily observe these changes. Testing various ampoules provides the practitioner with an energetic evaluation of the health of the specific organs, tissues, and body systems, as well as indicating the effectivity of a particular remedy. With the VEGA test method new doors to evaluation and energetic balance are opened. Practically anything can be tested: organs, systems, fungi, viruses, geopathic stress, food intolerances, allergies, harmful substances, poisons, homoeopathica and allopathic remedies, the biological index and much more. Many people use the VEGA to detect food allergies, which is helpful but it is more important to find out WHY the body has become allergic or intolerant to food. Using the on-board analysis of the VEGA test this is made possible. "

East Dorset

WWW gifThe Broadstone Centre of Complementary Medicine
David Broom M.R.H., L.C.S.P. (Assoc)"Factors such as organ weakness, digestive capability and food sensitivity are all important and can be further assessed using a Vega test machine. "

Kingston upon Thames, Surrey

WWW gifKingston Natural Healing Centre
Offers "Vega Testing"

Reading, Berks

WWW gifThe Rosendale Clinic
Offers "Vega Testing"

"The patient holds an electrode which is wired to the machine, the other end of the circuit is a stylus which is applied to a toe. The ‘open’ circuit reading is noted. Ampoules of substances representing organ tissues, Allergens, medications, Dental mercury - you can test practically anything - are then put into the machines testing grid. Materials, which have an adverse effect on the body’s electrical field, cause an increase in resistance and an indicator drop. Medicines, which will counteract that resistance, can be used directly to treat the body.

"The vega offers one of the most exciting advances in modern medicine to appear in recent years, an accurate method of non-invasive deep physiological investigation."

East Hoathly Village

WWW gifClaire Dadswell B.Ed (Hons); Dip Hom; E.A.
Offers "Homoeopathy & Electro-Acupuncture"


WWW gifHealth Scan Ltd.
uses the "EQ4 Listen System"

Reigate, Surrey

WWW gifThe Surrey Clinic
Offers Vega Testing

 United States of America 



WWW gifThe Allergy Center for Arizona Integrative Physicians.
Uses the "Listen System";  "When the listen finds an out-of-balance meridian, the listen computer can search its memory (with the help of the operator) to find the frequency of the substance that it takes to balance that meridian. Once that substance is ascertained, it becomes the remedy for that patient."


WWW gifcheck personal Health Services
"Our products take measurements of energy meridians in the body and check it for balance."


WWW gifJeffrey H. Feingold, ND
Listed in the National College of Naturopathic Medicine's page of Alumni Referrals as a practitioner of Electrodermal Screening.

WWW gifMy Chiropractor Family Center
offers "Bio-Regeneration Therapy"

"Bio-Energetic healthcare is based on measuring and balancing the body's self-renewing energy flow. Dr. Voll, a German physician developed a machine to measure the electric flow in the body's meridians. This technique is non-evasive. Unlike traditional Chinese acupuncture, nothing penetrates the skin. The use of this machine combined with today's technology results in a unique and highly accurate tool for measuring and balancing the body's meridian."

WWW gif Integrated Healing, LLC Services

"Computer Wellness Analysis

Quantum physics and "quantum biology" merge in this exciting new technology. Since biochemical processes are fundamentally electrical in nature, this FDA - approved system can measure 10 channels of subtle information in your body, correlating them to over 5,000 health indicators. "


San Diego

WWW gifDr. Jackie Wilson
A California licensed Physician and Surgeon. According to her resume she has "Over 20 years in family practice integrating homeopathy including classical, combination and electroacupuncture according to Voll approaches"


WWW gifAlternativeSolutions
A clinic run by Terrylyn McCain ARRT,CRT, BSBA, CNMT, Ph.D., a Natural Healthcare Consultant, specializing in "Bioenergetic Skin Testing".

Yucca Valley

WWW gifDr..G. Randal Whetton
Chiropractor who features the "Bio-Meridian Electro-Dermal Screening Process"



WWW gifCenter For Integrative Medicine
Offers "Electrodermal Screening". Also listed in the Directory of Connecticut Holistic Health Practitioners.


WWW gifCenter for Optimum Health
Victoria Zupa, N.D., F.N.C.F.M.,Naturopathic Physician. Listed in the Vulvodynia Professional Registry. The doctors diagnostic and treatment modalities includes "electrodermal screening."

"Electrodermal screening involves a non-invasive exam. Utilizing the body's natural energy conduits, through Bio-Feedback, a computerized instrument assists in the assessment and treatment of patient illness. We acquire specific information in relation to your organs and systems, revealing your present state of health. Utilizing this technique we then search the computer data base containing more than 25,000 natural remedies. These remedies include herbs, nutrients and homeopathics. Through Bio-feedback your body will select the most appropriate remedy for you. This process also determines the precise potency, quantity and duration required to eliminate obstacles that will unlock the body's innate ability to heal itself."


Pagosa Springs

WWW gifQuest for Wellness Center
Has no web page but offers"Electrodermal Screening (computerized health testing)"on this Pagosa Springs Chamber of Commerce page.



WWW gifElite Natural Health Clinic
Lists "electro-dermal screening" as one of its services

North Miami Beach

WWW gifDayton Medical Center
"Electroacupuncture (French, German and Oriental styles)" is available from Dr. Martin Dayton



WWW gif Dr. Ieva Wright
A "a gentle wholistic dentist" who uses the "services of an Electrodermal Bioenergetic Testing Consultant" to make sure the materials she puts in your mouth are compatible with your body".

Oak Park and Naperville

WWW gif Harmony Health
Offers "Non-Invasive Bioenergetic Testing"


Idaho Falls

WWW gifIntermountain Chiropractic Clinic
Offers "Electrodermal Screening"



WWW gifDr. Gary L. Moore, MD
"A Report on Electrodermal Screening (EDS)"


WWW gifWilma's Health Care

" Computerized Bioenergetic Testing: The wave of the future. We use the OMEGA ACUBASE SYSTEM. What it does: Bioenergetic Testing utilizes a computer-based instrument which measures the energy of the body using acupuncture meridian point readings, providing a new and highly accurate method for determining the energetic causes of allergies and ailments. "



WWW gifMedical Associates
Use the Vega Test for "allergy testing" and "Bio Energetic Analysis".

"...remarkable in the fact that you do not ingest the substance like the old ’scratch tests’ but simple place it into an electric circuit established by the Vega test unit, thus creating a situation that allows you not to use your immune system but instead use the machines circuitry to determine your reaction to that substance."


Rochester Hills

WWW gif The Personal Excellence Wellness Center
Uses "Computerized Electro Dermal Screening" for "Meridian Stress Assessment"

"This tool measures electoductivity at responsive points on the skin known as acupuncture points). As a client moves toward or away from health, the condition of any particular organ or system can be sensed at these representative points. If values are above 55 points, organ systems will show stress, if below 45 points, then the organ systems will show a lack of energy, which may lead to serious health problems in the future. CEDS data system, in combination with the skill of the practitioner, allows consideration of thousands of herbal, homeopathic, and nutritional remedies that might help gain a healthy balance. With the tools of both, appropriate remedies are selected."


Kalamazoo and Battle Creek

WWW gifHealth and Energy, PC
Offers "Computerized Electrodermal Screening"

"Computerized Electrodermal Screening utilizes a state-of-the-art computer based and integrated instrument which measures the energy of the body using acupuncture meridian readings. Computerized Electrodermal Screening is very similar to biofeedback. It is based on the Chinese medical theory that improper energy flow through the acupuncture meridians causes energy imbalances in the body. The relationship between acupuncture point measurement and individual organs and tissues have been identified. Testing can be used to help identify environmental allergies to heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and also foods and many other allergens. Electrodermal Screening can also assist us to determine the energetic level of the body as well as monitor the patient’s progress. There are no side effects, no piercing of the skin, no discomfort, and no electrical impulses are felt during testing."


St. Paul

WWW gifThe Synergy Health Center
The Phoenix Newspaper has an article by Robin Nelson about "The Listen System" used at the Synergy health Center.

"‘The most simple definition is that the LISTEN SYSTEM measures energy,’ Peg Bauwens, assistant director and clinical investigator, explains.

"Measuring energy in the body is nothing new. Machines like the EKG, which measures the electrical activity of the heart, and the basic thermometer are both well-established measuring devices. Using electrical measuring devices dates back to 1940’s when Reinholdt Voll developed the Dermatron in Germany. In the 1970’s, Dr. William Tiller, a Stanford University researcher, found that there were changes of electrical conductance at different points on the skin. He later discovered these points matched up to acupuncture points. Another researcher, Jim Clark combined the work of both Voll and Tiller, along with the principles of acupuncture and homeopathy to develop the protocol for using the LISTEN SYSTEM."



WWW gifThe Royal Center of Advanced Medicine
Dr. Daniel Royal, D.O.,H.M.D. "The physician uses an electrical biofeedback device to perform "Electrodermal Allergy Testing"

Las Vagas

WWW gifThe Nevada Clinic
Uses "Electrodermal Testing"; "A method of measuring energy imbalances in your body by modern electronic instruments"


WWW gifCancer Care Center for Integrated Treatment and Research
Offers "Electrodermal Testing"

 New Jersey 


WWW gifThe Body Scan Center
Uses the Phazx system. "The system is capable of performing over 6,000 individual tests on your body".


WWW gifGreenFields Wellness Center with Dr. A. Moll Chiropractor Healer

"Dr. Moll is the founder of BioSynTonics (BST), one of the most complete and comprehensive tools for the analysis and correction of complex energetic disturbances of the body. BST is an amalgamation of what is cutting edge in detecting and correcting physical, chemical and emotional disturbances. Dr. Moll has studied and applied the theories of Dr. Reinhold Voll of Germany, the founder of EAV (Electrodiagnostic Acupuncture According to Voll); Vegatesting; BioPhoton Acupoint Diagnostics, of which Dr. Moll was one of only 7 trained in the USA; ".

 New York 

Huntington and Manhattan

WWW gifCorsello Centers for Nutritional Complementary Medicine,
"Electrodermal screening is also used at the Centers to fine tune their knowledge of a patient's allergic reactivity to individual substances. This information-gathering approach can determine in advance -which means, safely- how a patient will react to a substance or remedy."

Ellen Kamhi, PhD RN HNC does electrodermal screening at the Corsello Center. You can read about her at The Powersurge website.

"Electrodermal screening is a form of computerized information gathering, based on physics, not chemistry. A blunt, noninvasive electric probe is placed at specific points on the patient's hands, face, or feet, corresponding to acupuncture points at the beginning or end of energy meridians. Minute electrical discharges from these points serve as information signals about the condition of the body's organs and systems, useful for the physician in evaluation and developing a treatment plan. "

North Carolina


WWW gifThe Circle of Life Health Center
The Computron/EAV Screening Device gives a very accurate assessment of your energetic health and can discover imbalances that many conventional methods cannot. "

Bald Head Island

WWW gifThe Cheney Clinic, Part of the Functional Medical Center Office
Has an article about "Electro-Dermal Conductance"in this Newsletter.

" The Cheney Clinic has acquired a EDC instrument and plans to use it as a screening tool, especially for toxic root canal teeth and to screen for toxic root canal teeth and to screen for liver-gut dysfunction and allergy. Diagnostic uses will remain investigational but are among the more interesting aspects of this type of technology."



WWW gifPhysicians Plus
Offers "The Biodiscovery System of computerized nutritional counseling"

"The body consists of electrical currents which can be measured. This machine uses the electrical pathways also known as meridians to gain knowledge about the systems and organs of the body much like an EKG measures the electrical activity of the heart. In this manner, the Biodiscovery allows the doctor to conduct an interview with the body. This data acquisition process can guide the doctor to recommending the appropriate plan of care for each patient. It also monitors the progress of the therapy."



WWW gifThe Natural Wellness Center
Provides "peaceful solutions to wellness through Electro-Dermal screening"

WWW gifThe Keefe Clinic
Offers "Vega Testing"

"VEGA testing is a multi-faceted diagnostic procedure. It can be used to determine if a patient has an allergic tendency, and, if they do have allergies, what particular antigens they are allergic to. VEGA testing allows us to find the major organs that are under the most stress. It also helps to determine the level of stress of each organ or part of the body. It can monitor the progress that a patient is making, without having to re-run expensive laboratory tests."



WWW gifDental Health Associates, LTD
Practices "Biological Dentistry" and is listed as a practitioner of "electro-dermal screening " in this list of alternative dentists.

 Schuylkill Haven 

WWW gifSchuylkill Bio-Nutritional
offers "electrodermal screening" with the PHAZX system.




WWW gifBioEnergetic Wellness of Austin
" Paige Menke, L.Ac. (Texas License #AC00347) began studying German biological medicine and working with electrodermal screening in 1996.Paige trained at the Grieshaber Akademie in Germany and with the BioEclectic Research Group in California." She is also listed in the Holistic Health Resources in the Greater Austin Area

Also see Bioenergetic Medicine: The Current Revolution in Health Care by Paige Menke, L.Ac. Another page with the same article is Here"

" With electrodermal screening the possibilities are limitless. Information received in this manner can suggest the status of the various organs of the body, the presence of environmental irritants, a viral or bacterial infection, food and chemical allergies, yeast infestation, heavy metals or chemicals, digestive disturbances, and even vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Any situation that involves a seemingly complicated or vague symptom picture is a great candidate for electrodermal screening. With the information provided by electrodermal screening, the practitioner can gain greater insight into the nature and location of the patient’s condition as a basis for effective treatment. "


WWW gifNutrition and Health Care
Dr. Leslie Howard, Ph.D. offers "Computerized Electro-Dermal Screening (CEDS)".



WWW gifThe Freedom Center for Advanced Medicine
"Electro-Dermal Screening is useful to help identify ’allergic’ substances".

WWW gifBio-Energetic Testing
Offers "bionergetic Testing"

Pleasant Grove

WWW gifThe Alternative Health Center
"Electro-Dermal Screening" Includes a description of the "listen" system.

Salt Lake City

WWW gifBlamires Chiropractic
Listed in the Products and Services page of the Directory of Chiropractic and Bodyworker Suppliers as a practitioner of "Electro-Dermal Screening"



WWW gifTahoma Clinic
Has a picture of its "bio-energy Department" on its staff and services page. Dr. Thomas Dorman, an internist at the clinic, writes a newsletter called "Fact, Fiction and Fraud in Modern Medicine." Here is his article on "Bioenergy"

 Washington, D.C. 

WWW gifThe Advanced Integrative Medical Institute
Offers "ElectroDermal Resistance Analysis". "Your practitioner will use this technique to locate the systemic roots of immune system weakness and provide stimulation to strengthen that weakness."

Other lists of practitioners,
(mostly without web sites)

WWW gifPhazx's directory of practitioners who use Bioscan 2010.

WWW gifVeraDyne's directory of practitioners who use The Avatar System.

WWW gifList of clinics From the American Association of Acupuncture and Bioenergetic Medicine

WWW gifThe American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association's Directory of Alternative, Complementary and Holistic Veterinary Medicine. Search for "EAV"

WWW gifAccording to this Newsletter, Practitioners using "Electrodermal testing" can be contacted through the International Federation of Electrodermal Screeners, at 800-258-2172.

WWW gifAccording to Dr Garry F GordonThe International Congresses Of Electrodermal Screening Health Practitioners can be reached at 801-226-1117.

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