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Sources of more in-depth information about Electrodermal Screening

Scientific Investigations of Electrodermal Screening

[WWW gif]The Past, Present, and Future of the Electrodermal Screening System (EDSS)
By Julia J. Tsuei,MD, FACOG. From the Journal of Advancement in Medicine. "The author and others have produced a body of scientific data and literature that demonstrate efficacy of the EDSS and offers plausible mechanisms of action."

"We have completed over 20 studies using the EDSS, 8 of which are translated into English. In the first study, 11 patients receiving treatment in a family practice were observed. Conditions seen included peptic ulcer, appendicitis, chronic chorea, and cancer of the colon, breast and uterus. In every case, readings taken with EDSD matched standard diagnostic tests . In another study, allergy symptoms were assessed by standard diagnostic methods. Testing with EDST correlated closely with accepted criteria, particularly the food rechallenge test, considered the most reliable method of testing for food allergies."

A Food Allergy study utilizing the EAV Acupuncture Technique
By Julia J. Tsuei, M.D., Carl W. Lehman, M.D., Fred M.K. Lam Jr., MD., and David A.H. Zhu, M.D.

" Abstract: Six diagnostic measures were performed on 30 volunteers. Five of the six diagnostic measures are currently utilized procedures for allergy, namely history and food challenge, skin, RAST, and IgE tests. The sixth and new method is based upon Electroacupuncture According to Voll (EAV). Results showed that the EAV test evidences a high degree of compatibility with the other five, particularly the food challenge test. As a new, noninvasive but sensitive test, it was found to be quite promising."

[WWW gif] Food allergy and Electroacupuncture (EAV)
by Dr. med. Jana Wankatova and Vera Dolejsova of the Czech Republic. From the Abstracts of the International Medical Acupuncture Symposium hosted by The International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques (I.C.M.A.R.T)

"The aim of the work was to perform a comparative study of diagnostic methods of the school of medicine of EAV according to Dr.Voll when ascertaining food allergy... It appears that the EAV method represents a great contribution also for the diagnostics of food allergies. It has practically no limitations, does not burden the patient, is cheap, reliable, and makes a timely diagnosis of food allergies possible as early as in the infants, which also makes a timely solution of the whole problem possible. "

[WWW gif]Kazan Medical Journal Online in the Republic of Tatarstan
by A.A.Erovichenkov, B.B. Mezentsev "On the use of R. Voll’s Galvanopuncture in Patients with Erysipelas"

"The possibilities of the use of Voll's galvanopuncture to estimate clinical manifestations of the infections process in patients with erysipelas are studied. As many as 15 patients with erysipelas are observed in the disease dynamics. The possibility of the galvanopuncture use to estimate clinical manifestations of erysipelas in the disease dynamics and the efficacy of the performed treatment is shown."

[WWW gif] Electropunctural Diagnosis By Y. Nacatani As Screening-Method Of Vegetative Dystony
by M. I. Korechkina - M.D., Ph.D. (Russia) From the Abstracts of the 5th Baltic States Congress

"The patients with vegetative dystony had the specific diagram of the electroconduction. The healthy people had the ‘ normal’ diagram. The electropunctural diagnosis according to Y.Nacatani helps to early reveal this pathology, especially within the screening investigation."

[WWW gif] An Innovation To The Method Of EC:\PROGRAM FILES\HTML POWEAV-Diagnostics By R. Voll
by A. Katin, M. Katina (Byelorussia)"The method of electropunctural diagnostics by R. Voll serves as a basis for conducting topical diagnostics and treating diseases by means of electroacupuncture." From the Abstracts of the 5th Baltic States Congress

[WWW gif]Case Findings from a Family Practitioner's Office Using Electroacupuncture According to Voll
By Frederick M.K. Lam, Jr., M.D.,and Julia J. Tsuei, M.D.

"Abstract: The selected eleven cases presented here are reported from a family practitioner's office using the Electroacupuncture According to Voll (EAV) diagnostic technique. Six cases had findings of malignant tumors, three were diagnosed as G-¥° bleedings one for acute inflammation, and one for chronic degenerative disease. All findings were confirmed by classical means of diagnosis.

"After Dr. Reinhold Voll published his works in 1975 and 1980,1,2 many physicians and dentists throughout the world started to experiment with the technique of Electroacupuncture According to Voll(EAV). In order to study the validity of EAV, the authors used two approaches. The first approach was to design a research project using EAV to identify a selected pathology; allergy, from an unknown population group in which the patients and controls were mixed. The diagnoses were baked up by five other recognized diagnostic methods. This study showed the accuracy of EAV to be slightly greater than 80 percent.3 The second approach was to use EAV as a diagnostic tool on a group of patients visiting the family practitioner's office in order to detect various kinds of disease. EAV diagnostic was compared with the traditional diagnostic methods. The following case reports are the results of the second approach. Both approaches support the fact that Electroacupuncture According to Voll is an extremely valuable diagnostic method. "

[WWW gif]Natural HealthLine
" Bioelectromagnetics Applications in Medicine"

"Panel Members And Contributing Authors Beverly Rubik, Ph.D.--Chair Robert O. Becker, M.D. Robert G. Flower, M.S. Carlton F. Hazlewood, Ph.D., Abraham R. Liboff, Ph.D., Jan Walleczek, Ph.D."

"A number of uncharacterized "black box" medical treatment and diagnostic devices--some legal and some illegal--have been associated with EM medical treatment. Whether they operate on the basis of BEM principles is unknown. Among these devices are the following: radionics devices, Lakhovsky multiple-wave oscillator, Priore's machine, Rife's inert gas discharge tubes, violet ray tubes, Reich's orgone energy devices, EAV machines, and biocircuit devices. There are at least six alternative explanations for how these and other such devices operate: (1) They are ineffectual and are based on erroneous application of physical principles. (2) They may be operating on BEM principles, but they are uncharacterized. (3) They may operate on acoustic principles (sound or ultrasound waves) rather than BEM. (4) In the case of diagnostic devices, they may work by focusing the intuitive capacity of the practitioner. (5) In the case of long-distance applications, they may operate by means of nonlocal properties of consciousness of patient and practitioner. (6) They may be operating on the energy of some domain that is uncharacterized at present...

"Some physicists claim that low-intensity, nonionizing EM fields have no bioeffects other than resistive (joule) heating of tissue. One such argument is based on a physical model in which the only EM field parameter considered relevant to biological systems is power density (Adair, 1991). The argument asserts that measurable nonthermal bioeffects of EM fields are "impossible" because they contradict known physical laws or would require a "new physics" to explain them.

"However, numerous independent experiments reported in the refereed-journal research literature conclusively establish that nonthermal bioeffects of low-intensity EM fields do indeed exist. Moreover, the experimental results lend support to certain new approaches in theoretical modeling of the interactions between EM fields and biological matter. Most researchers now feel that BEM bioeffects will become comprehensible not by forsaking physics but rather by developing more sophisticated, detailed models based on known physical laws, in which additional parameters (e.g., frequency, intensity, waveform, and field directionality) are taken into account."

[WWW gif]Longitudinal observation of bioenergetic change on meridian system in patients with gynecologic tumors undergoing treatment by using Electro-Dermal Screening Test
Author: Ting-Chang Chang M. D., M.P.H.
Seems to be only a proposal for a Clinical Trial. No results are given

"Based on the meridian system, Electro-Dermal Screening Test (EDST) is a non-invasive test and reflects the bioenergetic status by using a electro-dermal screening device (EDSD). We scheduled to apply EDST on patients with benign and malignant gynecologic tumors undergoing treatments, and analyze the potential change before and after these treatments. We expected that this investigation might evaluate the role of EDST in patients with gynecologic tumors. "

[WWW gif]The Bastyr University Research Institute
Completed an investigation called A reliability study of electrodermal screening instrument. By C Calabrese, I Bier, N Pollisar, C Tjaden, B Brewitt.

Research using electrodermal screening to investigate
various medical conditions, treatments or products

[WWW gif]The Effect of Qigong on Theraputic Balancing Measured by Electroacupuncture According to Voll(EAV): a Preliminary Study.
by Kenneth M. Sancier, Ph.D., President and Director of Research, Qigong Institute in Menlo Park, California. Published in Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics Research, International Journal

[WWW gif] Electroacupuncture by Voll (EAV) and the syndrome of deposits of immunocomplexes in the locomotoric system
by Anna Loskotova - Filipkova, David Pondelicek, Dobroslava Jandova From the Abstracts of ICMART '97 International Medical Acupuncture Symposium

"Electrodiagnostical measurements taken using the Voll method proved, without any doubt, pathological changes in the liver, spleen and kidneys. Moreover, in the case of chronic disorders, pathological changes were detected also in joints and tissues. To a statistically significant degree, the results of EAV measurements corresponded with the results of blood crystallization analyses, as well as immunological and virological examinations. In particular, the presence of herpetic viri, EB viri, has been proved.

"The use of the easily accessible EAV method enabled us not only to prove, objectively and quickly, the causes (origins) of pathological occurrences in the motoric system (hereinafter MS), but also to monitor changes occurring in the course of our research."

[WWW gif] Anti-Aging Benefits of Qigong
by Kenneth M. Sancier, Ph.D., President and Director of Research, Qigong Institute in Menlo Park, California. "The profound effect that internal qigong practice may have on balancing the energies of the organs and functions of the body is illustrated by measurements using Electroacupuncture According to Voll (EAV)."

[WWW gif]The Observation and research of the Electrodermal Screening Device in the ugi bleeding
From the Abstracts of Chinese Medicine Research Project in 1997 of the Committee on Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy, Department of Health, Taiwan

" electrodermal screening device will be used to measure some acupuncture points which were believed to represent the function of the gastro-intestinal system. 50 UGI bleeding and 50 non-UGI bleeding patients to serve as cases and control group will be identified and chosen from the Emergency room of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital."

[WWW gif]The Efficacy of Reiki Hands On Healing: Improvements in Adrenal, Spleen and Nervous Function as Quantified by Electro-Dermal Screening
By Betty Hartwell, Reiki Master, LVN, LMT and Dr. Barbara Brewitt, Mdiv, PhD, Biomed Comm, Inc., Seattle "This report evaluates the effects of Reiki treatment on chronic and life threatening medical conditions."

"Reiki is a practice of hands-on healing for stress reduction and relaxation that additionally is designed to transmit spiritual and physical healing to one's self. This study quantified the changes in electrical conductance, a Western method for measuring "Chi" energy or "life force energy" through the skin points of the hands and feet. Two Traditional Chinese acupuncture meridians related to the spleen and adrenal glands showed improvement after eleven Reiki sessions. One Electro-dermal skin conductance point associated with the nervous system through the cervical, thoracic area of the spine demonstrated the greatest improvement in this study. This study demonstrates a method for quantifying "subtle energy" improvements after treatment with techniques of non-local or hands-on healing not easily measured by conventional testing."

[WWW gif]EightStar Diamonds
"The Vega Resonance Test, also known as Vegatest, or VRT-Vegatest ... brought new insight into the workings of the EightStar Diamonds by means of a simple experiment."

[WWW gif]International Medical Society for Bio-Physikal Information-Therapy Association.
Therapeutic Foundation

" The Chinese chose another route for the practical application of information transmission, while developing acupuncture. The observable phenomena are the same ones as by BIT. However, it is a lot harder to explain, although the morphological substrata of acupuncture points has been deciphered in the meantime. The prick of the needle sets biophones free and apparently couples several information levels hereby, and in this way sets off a warning signal.

Because of the development of electro-acupuncture by Voll during the fifties, it could be proven that the information flow in the meridians can be influenced with electrical impulses. Moreover, the electro-acupuncture according to Voll (EAV) made it possible for the first time to test medication.

This made the real break in empirical research possible, because it showed that medication already altered the measuring value when it was just held in the hand. This made it clear that a medication sends out oscillations which are registered by the organism and which can be answered (response to irritation). C.W. Smith discovered during his research that the curative power of a medication represents an electro- magnetic oscillation information that can be transmitted electronically, but not via material. "

[WWW gif]Lifecare Healing Products
Sells "Biomagnetic Bracelets"

" Based on the theories of Eastern Medicine and Biomagnetic therapies, the LIFECARE Biomagnetic Bracelet acts as a passive resonator to help restore the body's ions or life energy levels. Given its unique design and engineering, its function could help correct the imbalances in this energy discharging from the body through the ends of the bracelet any excess positive ions that have accumulated due to pain, injury or illness....

There are a number of different testing methods to determine the effectiveness of the Lifecare bracelet on ones body. Applied Kinesiology, used by many chiropractors and sports therapists, is a common form of testing to determine the power and strength gained from the body's exposure to an item. Electro-dermal Screening (or Biofeedback) and Aura Imaging (aka Kirlian Photography) are two additional technologies that electronically illustrate the changes in ones life energy levels and balance."

[WWW gif]Microkinesitherapie
The french inventors of Microkinesitherapie, in which the practitioner uses their hands to mobilize and stimulate various tissues, used "Electro acupuncture according to the method of Voll, or EAV" to test its effects on the " Children of Tchernobyl"

"The curves obtained on children suffering from the syndrome of Tchernobyl before and after a session of microkinesitherapie show significant differences which indicate that a beneficial effect could be obtained.

It would be advisable to check the validity of these results with other tests."

[WWW gif]Photonics
Marysol Gonzalez Sterling, an artist, sculptor, and creator of The "peace Plaza", an environmental monument in Madrid, Spain, developed the system of "Photonics", the "diagnosis & treatment of the missing color in our organism with prisms & sunlight"

"With an electroacupunture Voll machine I have been able to tell that the moment you put light into an organism it balances all the meridians for a while, but still cannot distinguish if one color affects better one organ meridian or another."

"Two Traditional Chinese acupuncture meridians related to the spleen and adrenal glands showed improvement after eleven Reiki sessions. One Electro-dermal skin conductance point associated with the nervous system through the cervical, thoracic area of the spine demonstrated the greatest improvement in this study."

[WWW gif]Ener-G-Polari-T
Of Prescott, Arizona.Sells Cook'S Colloidal Trace Minerals and claims "These minerals have been tested with the E.A.V. testing (Voll Dermatron Machine) with excellent results."

[WWW gif]One Force Corporation
Technology For The Spirit

" Dr. Loyd has a practice in Tennessee and became very interested in Danylyk's One Force technology. One of Dr. Loyd's patients had recently had a BodyScan completed, and the results showed her liver as the highest source of stress in her body. (The BodyScan technology by Colorado-based Phazx Corporation, provides a complete computer readout in 65 different categories which shows a person's source of imbalance and disease). "In all cases that I've seen," says Dr. Loyd, "anything that reads out as a top-five problem in the body, such as the liver in this woman, takes a minimum of three months of complete diet change, supplement addition, et al. to show any type of positive change. This woman did not change her diet, her intake of supplements, or anything else, when I used the One Force over her gall bladder and liver. I did this for three successive days for ten minutes and then had her repeat the BodyScan. What was really intriguing to see, was that the liver was no longer a top-five problem. It was now way down on the scale. This type of result is unheard of."


[WWW gif] Fundamentals of Electroacupuncture according to Voll: An Introduction
by H.Sarkisyanz Leonhardt and Helga Sarkisyanz. (Link to

[WWW gif] Vibrational Medicine : New Choices for Healing Ourselves
by Richard Gerber, Richard Garber (Link to
Here are Part 1 and Part Two of a lengthy review by Dennis Fink, M.S. posted on Deja News.

[WWW gif] An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer
by W. John Diamond, M.D. and W. Lee Cowden, M.D. with Burton Goldberg(link to Chapter 34 contains information about Electrodermal Screening

[WWW gif] The 850 EAV Measurement Points of the Meridians and Vessels including Secondary Vessels
by Reinhold Voll, Helga Sarkisyanz, A. J. Scott-Morley (Translator) (Link to

[WWW gif] A Glance: Topographic positions of the measurement points in electro-acupuncture
by Reinhold Voll (Link to

[WWW gif]Diagnosis Unknown
A web site about the book by Randy Smith. "I thought I would write a book about my wife's illness and how she got well using methods from ‘way out there’."

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