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Including news of various actions against practitioners

[WWW gif]The Joint Council of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology
The Joint Task Force on Practice Parameters issued " A Statement on Controversial and un proven Allergy testing." which said: "Electrodermal diagnosis and applied kinesiology have not been evaluated for efficacy."

[WWW gif]Vega Testing In The Diagnosis Of Allergic Conditions
A study published by The Australian College of Allergy in The Medical Journal of Australia There other other reviews of the same paper in Healthwatch newsletter. and at Dr Allen gale's website

"The authors accuse the promoters of Vega testing of convoluted pseudoscientific jargon, irrelevant citations of other papers, apparently irrelevant allusion to accepted physical principles such as the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, and begging the question by comparing Vega testing to equally uncertain concepts such as 'bioregulatory techniques'.

"They add that the test is confounded by the moist skin of ill, worried subjects and the dry skin of relaxed, healthy subjects.

"They conclude that it has no established scientific basis and there are no controlled tests to support its usefulness.

"It may lead to inappropriate treatment and expense to the patient and community. At best it is a prop which can help some patients overcome ill-defined symptoms. "

[WWW gif]International Federation of MS Societies
Peter Sheridan BDS, MDS Part-time Lecturer, Faculty of Dentistry, Sydney University, Chairman, Individual and Family Services Committee, claims in Amalgam Restorations and Multiple Sclerosis about claims of health risks associated with the use of dental amalgam that "Food and Chemical Allergy tests (e.g. Vega Test, Applied Kinesiology) are simply quackery posing as science."

[WWW gif]The Allergy Society of South Africa
"Complementary medicine and allergy - an evaluation of the facts" an article reprinted from Current Allergy and Clinical Immunology

"The Vega test employs a Wheatstone bridge circuit to measure electrical conductivity in the body - so called bioenergetic activity. The apparatus is connected to the patient and the circuit is completed by a metallic honeycomb containing the test allergen. The machine is calibrated using a glass vial containing a poison like paraquat to give a ‘disordered’ reading. Test substances that then give a disordered read as paraquat does, are considered to be potential allergens. Katelaris et al in Australia found no valid trials to show any diagnostic value for this procedure.."

[WWW gif]Quackwatch
Steve Barrett's article on " Quack ‘Electrodiagnostic’ Devices"

"The FDA classifies ‘devices that use resistance measurements to diagnose and treat various diseases’ as Class III devices, which require FDA approval prior to marketing. In 1986, an FDA official informed me that the FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health had determined that the Dermatron and Accupath 1000 were diagnostic devices that posed a ‘significant risk’. No such device can be legally marketed in the United States for diagnostic or treatment purposes. The FDA has prosecuted a few manufacturers and banned the importation such devices into the United States. State regulatory agencies have also taken a few actions. However, no systematic effort has been made to drive them from the marketplace...."

"I believe that EAV devices should be confiscated and that practitioners who use them should be delicensed."

[WWW gif]AllergyNet Australia
Mentions the Vega Test in this newsletter.

"Another test without any basis is the so-called Vega Test or Bioprobe Test. Here you hold one wire while the tester touches you with another wire or probe. The wires go through a machine. I don&';t use this test either....

" These tests - Applied Kinesiology, Vega Test, and Pulse Test - are what I call UGLY tests. They have no redeeming features."

[WWW gif]Health Fraud in Hawaii

"Naturopaths routinely use electrodermal screening to diagnose illnesses and prescribe remedies. The method involves using a galvanometer to measure electrical conductivity between various points on the skin. The gadgets are unapproved medical devices, the methods are entirely bogus, and the claims made for them entirely fraudulent. Naturopaths also use many other phony diagnostic methods and remedies, they lie to state legislators about their training, they deliberately alienate patients from medical doctors, and they disparage proven public health measures such as vaccinations.

[WWW gif]The Council Against Health Fraud's Health Care Reality Check
Contains an essay called "An Experience at a Mexican Cancer Clinic" by Margaret Baker, which mentions Vega testing

"The Vega Machine

This is a "black box" with a meter, receptacles to hold small vials, and a probe. The vials may contain a "disease-representative" liquid or proposed medicines, usually herbal. The probe is then run along the patient's finger to see if he/she has the disease or if the medicine is efficacious. This machine and other tests are usually said to depend on resonant vibrations, i.e. if the disease or medicine in the vial has molecular oscillations at the same frequency as the body disease the two vibrations resonate and cause the probe to pass that information to the meter. In fact we suspect that the probe is of the capacitive coupling type and therefore dependant on skin moisture or salinity. The above resonant theory shows a great ignorance of electronics and biology. "

[WWW gif]Daniel Rutter
LightZone, an Australian company, sells the EMpower Modulator to remove the biological effects of electromagnetic fields, and also claims to have biological evidence and proof that it works, based partly on results of electrodermal testing using the Omega Acubase system. Daniel Rutter went to a demonstration which used the Listen System to show the results of the EMpower Modulator, and disparages all these devices on his webpage "My Clash with the Quacks". Mark Millmnan of LightZone then complained to Rutter's website provider. Rutter lost his free website, and complained that he'd been censored in "The Quacks Strike Back".

News of various actions against practitioners

[WWW gif]The Trading Standards Department in Lincolnshire, England objected to a leaflet, from Allergycare t/a Natural Path Group, a food allergy testing agency that claimed "We use the Vega machine to help us because it is non-invasive and we are able to test a wide selection of items this machine gives an accuracy of between 70% to 80%." The complainant challenged whether the Vega test could identify allergies, and The Advertising Standards Authority ruled in their favor in this adjudication.

"Because the advertisers could not demonstrate that the machine identified their patients' susceptibility to the stated conditions, the Authority asked the advertisers to amend the claims and take copy advice."

[WWW gif] A doctor in Virginia is listed in Monica Miller's Health Lobby as having received "Professional Discipline" for "using a Voll machine without accepted therapeutic purpose."

[WWW gif]Medical Practitioners Disciplinary Committee: professional misconduct findings against Dr D W Steeper"The Medical Practitioners Disciplinary Committee ordered that Dr Steeper be censured, that he pay a penalty of $900 to the New Zealand Medical Association, that he pay costs and expenses of $25 000 and that certain conditions be imposed upon his practice for a period of three years."

"The Vega test machine operates on the principle of a wheatstone bridge, and measures the potential differences between a small hand held electrode and a pencil probe electrode applied to the patient?s left middle toe, a recognized acupuncture point, with the meter reading the result. Organ pathology is allegedly diagnosed by inserting a specific organ/disease ampoule in a receptacle which is part of the circuit. Dr Steeper extended the usual application of the machine by "directing questions from his subconscious mind to the patient?s subconscious" and received answers through the response of the machine. Dr Steeper acknowledged that this bioenergetic system was operator dependent and not amenable to critical evaluation or examination. The hand out information sheets used by Dr Steeper gave the impression that the procedure and capabilities of the machine were established facts whereas in fact they were not. His use of the machine together with the hand out was misleading and caused the mothers considerable distress. The committee concluded that Dr Steeper?s use of the Vega machine comprised professional misconduct. The committee recognized section 58 (4) of the Medical Practitioners Act 1968 which provides that "no person shall be guilty of disgraceful conduct in a professional respect merely because he has adopted and practised any theory of medicine or surgery, if in so doing he has acted honestly and in good faith". The committee accepted that Dr Steeper acted in good faith, but it did not consider that he adopted any "theory of medicine or surgery" in the use to which he put his machine. His use of the machine was far beyond any accepted theory of medicine."

[WWW gif]The Environmental Health Group of Toronto, Ontario supports Jozef Krop, M.D. who was charged by the Executive Committee of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with professional misconduct for, among other things, "the use of a VEGA computer system" The college issued a News release on January 20, 1999 which summarized the results:

"In a 64-page ruling, a four-member panel of the Discipline Committee of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (consisting of two public members and two physician members of Council) found Dr. Krop guilty of professional misconduct for failing to maintain the standard of practice in the management, treatment and care of six patients...... Regarding his use of the ’Vega Machine’, the Committee found’....that there is no scientifically-valid evidence to justify the use of the Vega electro diagnostic apparatus, or any other similar machine, as either a screening or a diagnostic tool. All the experts called by the College agreed on this; none of the experts called by the defence maintained that such evidence existed.’ (It was claimed by Dr. Krop that the Vega machine - one electrode of which was held by a patient while the other electrode was applied to the patient’s toe - assisted him in arriving at diagnoses)."

There is other summaries of the situation in Environmental Medicine Doctor on Trial- Startling Examples of Illegal Activities By the College Revealed During Emotional Day of Testimony and Huge court fight may be in offing as Ontario college considers penalty for maverick MD-an article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal

[WWW gif]Good allergy practice. (ABC of Allergies)
An essay in the British Medical Journal."Vega testing (a 'black box' electrical test)" is listed under "not recommended".

[WWW gif]The Kansas City Star
Plain Prey expresses concern that the Amish were prey to "Questionable Remedies" They describe the Interro in a sidebar: Many Pin Their Hopes On Worthless Device

"It was a special machine, she said, for special people.

Edwards would touch the probe to points on the patient‘s hand, acupuncture-style, Amish Patients said. Supposedly the Interro detected the body‘s electrical impulses. The computer software, in theory, measured those impulses to see how well various organs in the body worked. The diagnosis was instant.

And completely worthless. The Interro does not work. It can treat nothing. It can make no valid diagnosis.

[WWW gif]The Food and Drug Administration confiscated Dermatron electrodermal testing equipment from the Century Wellness Center and this is the Petition by the center to the district court to allow access to the Dermatron

[WWW gif] A dentist who used an experimental device called a "Dermatron" is banned for six months. Article from "The Advertiser" posted on the Australian Sceptic's site.

[WWW gif]" Another Momentous Occasion at the NIH? YES!"
In the Section titled"More About Harassment"Margaret W. Irby, Ph.D describes an action against an "Electrodermal Screening System"

"The Virginian-Pilot, the local morning paper, whose main office is in Norfolk and which serves Tidewater Virginia. The paper included an article that a local physician (highly respected as an oncology specialist for many years) was being formally questioned by the Virginia Board of Medical Examiners for his use of alternative treatments. Several years ago he began to study and practice homeopathy, using the Electro-dermal Screening (EDS) system for diagnosis. When I went to him in February 1992 to see if my energy field showed residuals of cancer after successful surgery in August 1991 (it did not, thanks be), he told me that medical examiners had visited him a number of times, confronting him and questioning him on his unorthodox treatment. He said that he usually responded by saying that he was sorry that they were not current in their understanding of the new developments in the field.

Newspaper reporter Tom Holden wrote that the physician was being accused by the board of using an 'electro-acupuncture' device to diagnose cancer and of falsely diagnosing patients as having lead and mercury poisoning by using a 'bio-energetic testing' machine. (The correct term for the device and machine mentioned above is the Electrodermal Screening System (EDS)). The board cited 13 cases in which (the physician) allegedly conducted treatments that were 'without accepted therapeutic purpose and contrary to sound medical judgment'..."

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